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NEWS - Published Article

Lifting the Lid on Used Machinery

NEWS - Published Article

Lifting the Lid on Used Machinery

Lifting The Lid On Used Machinery

What’s the difference between a used and Ferwood Approved machine? You’ll be forgiven for thinking they are the same thing but for used machinery specialist, Ferwood, rigorous processes and stringent attention to detail transform their reconditioned machinery into a class of its own. Proving it’s really what is under the paintwork that counts, Ferwood has lifted the lid on its unique 10-step process to show you what it really means to buy a Ferwood Approved machine.

Based in Pollenzo, Italy, Ferwood’s premises span over 200,000 sqft, with each section stringently categorised by its function and machine type. As well as an impressive showroom which homes completed machines, separate areas have been designed for handling, cleaning, sanding and painting, edgebanding, cutting, drilling and routing. Each area plays a vital role in the machine’s restoration process and guarantees each machine, regardless of its make or model, benefits from an intensive programme.

The 10-step process begins with an evaluation of the customer’s technical and manufacturing requirements. Kelvin Wilkins, Sales and Marketing Manager at Ferwood Group explains, “For us, this involves us using our technical knowledge and industry know-how to find the best possible solution for our customers. What does the company need to achieve from its Ferwood Approved machine? What budget has been allocated and what timeframe does the customer need to work in? These are really important questions, especially when faced with a busy factory floor. But for us, listening to our customers is second nature and by working together, we can source and install the best machine for them in the most efficient way.”

Step two takes place in the Ferwood factory. Here, it’s disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and painted. Step three and four follow, as engineers replace any worn parts and check all mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components. The fifth stage sees a thorough inspection and upgrade of safety devices is carried out. Then, in step six, any software upgrades and technical changes required by the customer are made.

“It’s at this stage, step seven in the Ferwood 10- step process, that we ask our customer to supply samples in order for us to complete a test run,” explains Kelvin. “This is a fantastic way of showing our customers exactly what they can expect from the machine. By using their own panels and components, we can create an exact replica of their product in real time. This highlights the machine’s capabilities and the results they can expect from a Ferwood Approved machine on their factory floor.”

Step eight is delivery to the customer and step nine is a final check to ensure the machine has been provided with appropriate software, tools and manuals – and these are often written or sourced by Ferwood’s maintenance team. But, in true Ferwood style, there is one final step to complete in order for the machine to be Ferwood Approved. Once the machine is installed by Ferwood’s technicians on your factory floor, a final inspection takes place to ensure the machine is running smoothly in its new environment. A final test run, using the customer’s materials, and employee training completes the 10-step process.

“This demanding step-by-step plan proves that Ferwood Approved machines offer you much more than a lick of paint – something you may not have been expecting to hear from a second-hand machinery supplier. We have every confidence in our machines and that’s why we offer a six-month warranty absolutely free with every Ferwood Approved machine we sell. We actively promote trips to our factory because we know that by seeing the process for yourself, you can see just how dedicated we are to supplying high quality, reconditioned machines that are designed to last.”

To find out how Ferwood can help you source the right machinery at the right price, please visit, call 01132866689 or tweet us at @FerwoodGroupUK.