The distinctive process.

Ferwood Approved is the quality brand of the Group. The Ferwood Approved certificate is reserved for second-hand machinery carefully selected and refurbished directly by Ferwood. A process consisting of 10 steps, encompassing the entire production and supply sequence, from design to installation and control, up to the upgrade & functional testing steps.

The 10 steps that make a machine “Approved”.

All the components are dismantled and the machine is thoroughly cleaned.
The entire machine is painted and restored to as-new condition.
The main parts subject to wear are replaced.
Extensive control of all mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components. Any components found defective are repaired or replaced.
Safety devices are tested and upgraded.
Software programming and technical changes as per the customer requirements.
Machine preparation and set-up, producing the samples requested by the customer.
Acceptance and functional inspection by the customer at Ferwood's plant.
The machine is delivered to the customer, complete with use & maintenance manuals, copy of the software and the tools necessary.
Installation, testing, training and supervision of the customer's production process.

Purchase advisory service focusing on the customer's production needs, not only in terms of individual products, but also from the design standpoint.

For Approved labeled products, Ferwood guarantees an overall reconditioning process designed to meet specific customer needs. This includes customising of individual machines and complete production lines while restoring the machines to as-new conditions.

Ferwood can also supply transportation services, based on a customer's specific request.

For those customers seeking a turn-key service, machines can be installed and tested by Ferwood technicians.

Software programming and personnel training at the customer's plant. All this is possible with Ferwood.

Ferwood Approved products come with a warranty of three or more months. For further information, inquire about the warranty terms.

Multilingual phone tech support from a dedicated office till the end of the warranty period.