Panel saws

    Panel sizing is a cutting method to obtain cut-to-size panels from large commercial panels.


        CNC Beam Panel saws are used in all woodworking sectors to cut different materials (chipboard, veneered panels, mdf-hdf, solid wood, plywood, honeycomb boards, and even plastic, composite and aluminium materials). CNC Beam Panel saws comprise a base where the saw carriage slides, a presser that presses down on the material during the cut, and a gripper group that handles the material during the different processing steps. Beam Panel saws are available in different models and sizes, based on the cutting size and blade projection. Wood based panel saws are divided into vertical, horizontal, single-saw, angular or cross-cut models. These machines may be customized based on the customer’s production needs and processes. This category includes used wood based CNC Beam panel saws from leading brands, to save on the purchase and obtain a machine with an excellent production performance.