The company

From the first machine sold to the present.

In 1980 Luigi Rossi sold the first reconditioned woodworking machine and from that moment the business grew until becoming the Ferwood Group as it is today, an organisation known the world over for the quality of its products.

A family success.

Ferwood was born of Luigi Rossi's decades long experience in the field of woodworking machinery, accessories and carpentry. The name Ferwood was obtained by combining the initials of his childrens' names - Federica, Edoardo and Riccardo - and the English word “wood” known throughout the world.

Our Core values.

The Ferwood Group is founded on solid values which have remained unchanged through the years and shared by knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. People working at Ferwood continually focus on quality and attention to detail facing up to all the challenges with ambition and a desire to put themselves to the test.

Professional skills.

While it is true that the machinery is the key element of the business, Ferwood is an organisation built on the professional skills of its people. People who share values such as: discipline, passion, far-sightedness, and who will stand by the customer throughout the sales process and afterwards to provide impeccable aftersales support.

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