CNC WORKING CENTRE - Edging Boring Routing
HOMAG - BAZ 322/60/AP

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BAZ 322/60/AP




Ferwood Approved

Call Ferwood +1 616-803-0207

\u201cX\u201d axis work area 6000 mm
\u201cY\u201d axis work area 1850 mm
Routing operator units
Unit top 
Spindles for vertical boring
Spindles for horizontal boring in \u201cX\u201d direction
Spindles for horizontal boring in \u201cY\u201d direction
Total number of vertical + horizontal spindles 13 
Routing operator units
Unit top 
No. controlled axes
Automatic tool change yes 
Liquid cooling system yes 
Motor power 11 kw
Edging operator units
Max. machinable panel height 60 mm
Gluing unit yes 
positioning Fitted to the main beam of the machine 
Glue pot for hot melt glue yes 
Premelter for hot melt glue yes 
Lamps to preheat the edge of the panel yes 
Edge coil magazine yes 
number of channels for automatic edge change?
Tool magazine
Number of positions 12 
Utensile positioned on the back of the machine 
Number of outputs 1
Tool fitted: disc cutter 1 yes 
Combination aggregate with double function edge profile scraping and glue joint scraping yes 

Additional information

\u201cZ\u201d axis travel 300 mm
\u201cX\u201d axis movement speed 80 m/min
\u201cY\u201d axis movement speed 80 m/min
\u201cZ\u201d axis movement speed 30 m/min
No. work areas
Work table yes 
Work table rails with suction cup 
No. bars with suction cup 10 
With positioning by NC yes 
Suction cups to secure piece being processed yes 
Number of suction cups 30 
with positioning by NC yes 
Vacuum pump yes 
Number of pumps
Single capacity 140 m3/h
Control system POWER CONTROL PC 85 
Machine programming software WOODWOP 
Safety standard EC mark yes 
Protection structure for operating units with safety sensors yes 
Saftey fence secured to the machine yes 
Safety system Front safety mats 

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