Automatic drilling and doweling machine


Dowel Drilling and Insertion Machines from world leading brands including: Weeke, Biesse, Koch and Morbidelli are available from Ferwood. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. Drilling and Inserting machines are ideal for assembled furniture production

Used Automatic Drilling and Dowel insertion Machine for sale
Automatic boring and dowel inserting machines can be high volume production through feed machines that drill, glue and insert the dowel or CNC Point to Point machines for low batch production. Dowel boring and inserting machines are mainly used in furniture production. They combine the processes of boring and dowel inserting, making it possible to carry out both machining processes using a single machine. They may also have vertical boring units: this makes it possible to complete and optimise the boring layouts and dowel inserting units to simultaneously insert dowels on both edges of the board. These drilling machines are used in different industrial sectors including Kitchen and Bedroom furniture production.

Automatic drilling and Dowel inserting machine models frequently offered by Ferwood include: Weeke BST 500 / BST 100 ABD, Biesse Elix / Techno, Morbidelli Zenith, Koch Sprint, Omal Insert, Gannomat Index.