Wood Waste Grinders & Shredders

Wood is a valuable raw material that may be exploited until the last chip is used. With an investment in a horizontal grinder or industrial wood shredders, wood waste may be processed and turned into a secondary product for your business.

Wood waste grinders decrease the original size of the waste, making it more manageable for both businesses and the environment.

For example, wood waste that has been processed into wood chips can be utilized for direct energy generation in combustion plants or for the manufacture of briquettes. More finely ground wood waste such as wood flour, wood pulp, and sawdust are some other profitable products that can be used to make animal bedding.

Furthermore, by recycling their discarded wood using good waste grinders, businesses can also avoid additional cost. For example, tipping fees which are the costs paid to have waste shipped to a landfill can be reduced.

Used Grinders at Ferwood for wood waste management

Ferwood is proud to represent our range of used industrial wood grinders for sale. We offer high-quality machinery from top brands which can satisfy any of your production requirements. Top brands include ND, Masur, Weiman, Dhb and Reinbold. They are either Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. 

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in Waste Management and Dust Extracting Machines for furniture production. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly. Please browse our collection of used industrial wood shredder machines or call today for expert advice.