Double Sided Edgebander and Combination Edgebanders

Combination and Double Sided Edgebanders from world-leading brands including Homag, IMA, Biesse and Stefani are available from Ferwood. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. Double Sided Edgebanders and Combi Edgebanding machines are used in single or multi shift high volume furniture production to apply and trim thin edges, Thick PVC/ABS, veneers and solid lippings.

Used Double Sided Edgebander for sale
Double Sided Edgebanders and Combination Edgebanding machines are used in multi shift high volume production furniture production applying and trimming thin edges, Thick PVC/ABS, veneers and lippings. Combination Edgebanders feature a panel sizing and squaring section prior to the edging application unit to ensure the panel is correctly sized and squared with clean edges. Double Sided Edgebanding machines apply and trim the decorative edge only.

Double Sided Edging machines can be used for a first and second pass so two edges are processed with each pass. It is common to create an Edgebanding line with a first pass Edgebander processing the two long edges followed by a 90-degree turning unit and into a second pass Edgebanding machine to process the two short edges. Often a Sizing and Edgebanding line will have automated panel feeding and stacking and is centrally controlled.

Double Sided Edgebander and Combination Edge Banding machines often referred to as Combi machines frequently offered by Ferwood include Homag Double-Sided Edgebanding Machines with KFL 525 / 526 models, Biesse Stream B2 machines, IMA Combima and Stefani Performance SB Combination Edgebanders.