Used Automatic Rear Loading CNC Beam Saws

Automatic Rear Loading CNC Beam Saws from top brands including Holzma, Selco, Schelling and Gabbiani are available from Ferwood. We offer a wide range of used or second-hand woodworking machines, reconditioned to the highest standard and guaranteed.

High performance automatic rear loading panel saws are used to perform high precision panel cutting on packs of wood-based sheet materials or sheet plastics. They are an ideal solution for higher volume furniture production.

This type of CNC Panel Saws is equipped with automatic lift tables systems or vacuum loading systems for delicate panel materials. Their cutting efficiency can be further enhanced with more advanced devices such as second pushers and automatic panel rotation devices. Automatic beam saws with rear loading are ideal for medium and large furniture factories due to their high efficiency and precise cutting. They are often integrated with large batch production loading and unloading automation.

Many models of Rear Loading Beam saws are frequently offered by Ferwood USA. These include Holzma HPL Series, Selco WNT / WNTR and Twin Pusher machines, Schelling FH and Gabbiani Galaxy T models.