Used Case Assembly Lines for Furniture Production

Ferwood specialises in used case assembly lines for furniture production. Top brands include Ligmatech and Biesse. Assembly lines are required to assemble kitchen and bedroom carcases, office pedestals, cabinets and bathroom furniture.

Case Furniture assembly lines comprise several furniture assembly stations. Assembly systems may be integrated with buffering, assembly and packaging stations. They may also include vertical buffers at the drilling/insertion machine exit, horizontal gluers for the furniture sides, and furniture frame assembly clamping presses. All this is arranged together by handling systems, such as conveyors, shifters, tippers, etc. Automatic assembly lines are ideal for the industrial mass production of large furniture manufacturing batches.

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in Case Assembly Lines. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly. Please browse our collection of furniture assembly production lines or call today for expert advice.