Squaring/Edgebanding Lines

To apply edgebanding to panels for a vast range of items, including furniture, doors and panels, it is possible to bring in squaring/edgebanding lines integrated with automatic loader and stacker.

These are automated edgebanding systems designed to apply different types of edging (thin edge, ABS, veneer and edging in wood), able to guarantee excellent standards of product quality. It employs different gluing systems, EVA or Polyurethane glue, hot air or laser gluing technology. There are numerous alternatives from the automated squaring/edgebanding machine market: from half lines to full lines that cover heavy duty production levels with medium to large series, arriving at more elastic solutions for intermediate production levels, and small even single batches. The lines can use double- and single-sided edgebanding machines which, in turn are integrated with automated feeders and stackers, and magazines for storing the edgebanded pieces. An operator is not needed to manage these activities in some cases, since it can be operated by a single software application.