Cnc machine centres and routers

    A CNC Machine Centre is a machine employed for several processes, such as drilling,routing and edgebanding. 


        Thanks to the presence of several spindles, work units, tools and multi axis control, these machines are particularly versatile. When it comes to the woodworking sector, a CNC Machine Centre means an operating unit capable of processing different parts of furniture, windows, doors, etc. within the same program. The main elements comprised in a woodworking CNC Machine Centre are: base, operating unit where the operating units are installed, and the numerical control, where the programming software is installed. A wood CNC Machine Centre is a machine employed to work all the elements to produce furniture, windows, doors, stairs and complex products. Thanks to its flexibility, it is often used in all woodworking sectors, and in the large-scale furniture field. This product category includes different used woodworking CNC Machine Centres and Routers with guaranteed efficiency and quality.