Used CNC Routers and CNC Machine Centers for Wood

Ferwood offer used CNC Routers and used CNC Machine Centres for sale in the UK. Industrial Heavy-Duty CNC Routers for Joinery and Furniture Production from world leading brands.

Ferwood UK specialise in selling used SCM CNC Routers, used Weeke CNC Machine Centres, used Biesse Rover CNC Machines.

Buy a Used CNC Router or Second-Hand CNC Machine Centre, Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned with guarantee from Ferwood.

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What is a CNC Router used for?
CNC Routers and CNC Machining Centres are used for drilling and routing individual furniture components or producing furniture parts from sheet materials using the nesting production process. They can also be configured for Joinery applications for producing Doors, Windows and Stairs.

What is the difference between a CNC Router and a CNC Machine Centre?
CNC Routers are for woodworking joinery production and will have a powerful electro spindle with multi position tool changers for automated tool changing and greater flexibility.  Most likely a CNC Router will be 4 or 5 Axis and the common bed type for this machine will be pod and rail with both vacuum pods and mechanical clamps for securing the workpieces.

CNC Machine Centres for furniture production have a wider range of capabilities. CNC Machining Centres will contain the electro spindle and tool changing capabilities of the CNC Router and can be 3, 4 or 5 axes but will be enhanced by a Multi spindle drilling head with individually selectable vertical and horizontal drilling spindles with a 32mm pitch and often a Grooving saw suitable for furniture production.  CNC Machine Centres can have both Pod and Rail beds or Vacuum flat beds depending on the application.  A further enhancement of a CNC Machine Centre is the capability to perform edgebanding and trimming functions on shaped furniture components.

Thanks to their versatility, high precision and speed, CNC Routers and CNC Machining Centres are used in all sectors of woodworking on a large industrial scale in the furniture sector. These include Shopfitting, Office Furniture, Contract Furniture, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Joinery companies.

Typical CNC Router and CNC Machine Centre models available from Ferwood include SCM Record Series, SCM Accord Series, Weeke Venture Pod and Rail machines, Weeke Vantage Flat Table CNC Machine Centres, Biesse Rover series models with pod beds and flat beds and Homag BMG series CNC Routers.