Used CNC Routers and CNC Machine Centers for Wood

Ferwood specialises in CNC Routers for wood and CNC Machine Centers from world leading brands Homag, Weeke, Biesse, SCM, Morbidelli and IMA. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed.

CNC Routers and Machining Centers are used for drilling and routing individual furniture components or nesting parts from sheet materials. Yet, they can also be configured for Joinery applications, for producing Doors, Windows and Stairs.

Used CNC Router and Machine Centers for drilling and edgebanding
A CNC Machine Center is a highly flexible woodworking machine used for multiple processes such as drilling, routing and edgebanding. Typically, CNC machining centers offer a high level of automation including either automatic tool changing or automated Sheet loading and parts removal.

CNC Routers for woodworking can have 3, 4 or 5 Axis Electrospindle Router heads and multi position tool changers. In addition to the Router head, it often has a range of Vertical drilling, Horizontal drills and Grooving units. Another range of CNC Machine Centers features edgebanding gluing and trimming units for fast CNC shaping and edgebanding of shaped components.

With a solid base of either a vacuum table or a pod and rail table, these wood CNC machine centers can be widely configured. Typically, the bed remains static holding the workpiece while the machine head carrying the router electrospindle, drilling heads and a tool changer move to process the panel or component. The CNC Machine Center is driven by a machine controller typically a PC control with a highly developed software package suitable for programming the machine.

Some CNC Wood Routers have a nesting table with a vacuum bed often used with nesting production while other CNC Machine Centers have a pod and rail bed.

Thanks to their versatility, high precision and speed, CNC Routers and Machining Centers are used in all sectors of woodworking on a large industrial scale in the furniture sector. These include Shopfitting, Office Furniture, Contract Furniture, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Joinery companies.

In this category of products, there are several used CNC woodworking centers capable of guaranteeing efficiency and quality for large industrial manufacturing. Used CNC routers for sale are available in stock for fast delivery.