Used Single Sided Edgebanders

Single Sided Edgebanders from world leading brands including  Homag, IMA, Stefani, Brandt, Biesse and Holzher are available from Ferwood. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. They are often equipped with Pre Milling, Corner Rounding and various glue application systems such as Hotmelt EVA, PUR, Laser and Airtec.

Used Single Side Edgebander for sale
Single Sided Edgebanders are designed to apply and trim a decorative edge on one edge at a time on straight, post formed or soft formed panels. They are used for a variety of coiled edgebanding materials such as thin tapes, veneers, thick PVC/ABS and strip fed edging including laminates and solid timber lippings. Single Sided Edge banding machines start at low-cost entry-level machines and go to high performance and fast setting Edging Machines with automated panel handling.

Edgebanding machines are mainly used for industrial furniture production. These used high quality single sided edgebanders are available with various glue application units such as EVA, PUR, LASER, HOT AIR.

Panel Return Systems are frequently added to a Single Sided Edgebanding machine to increase output and make edgebanding a one operator process. Single Sided Edgebanders are featured with no resetting between panel sizes. Therefore, a panel return system is well suited for industrial furniture production or Low Batch - High Volume furniture panel production.

Single Sided Edgebander models frequently offered by Ferwood include Brandt KDF 1200, 1400 and 1600 Series machines, Homag KAL - KAR 210, 310 and 370 models, IMA Advantage and Novimat, Biesse Akron, Roxyl and Stream, Stefani Solution series and Holzher Lumina and Contriga edgebanding machines.

Single Sided edgebanders available from Ferwood are offered Used or Reconditioned with fast lead times.