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What is an edgebander?

An Edgebander is an industrial machine used for applying and trimming a decorative edge to melamine faced chipboard (MFC) or MDF panels usually for furniture production.

The edgebanding materials can be thin melamine or PVC, thick PVC and ABS, coiled veneers, strip laminates or strips of solid wood.

Edgebanders can be used for edgebanding straight panel profiles or for post-formed or soft formed profiles.

An Edgebander can also be used to apply timber lippings for veneered furniture, internal house doors and fire doors. 

Softforming Edgebanders profile and apply a decorative edge to MFC and MDF while Postforming machines bend, bond and trim laminate.

An Edge Bander can be single-sided (i.e. they apply the edgebanding on just one side of the panel at each passing) or double-sided (i.e. they apply the edgebanding on both sides of the panel at the same time). 

Edgebander models range from small edgebanders with slow feed speeds to high performance edge bander machine lines for high volume panel production.

An Edgebander is a through feed machine with a track and roller system that transports the panel through the various edge banding gluing and trimming units required to process the different edgebanding materials.

Edgebanders are a series of processing units on a frame with the workpiece passing on a track and each unit performing the allotted task.

Typically, an Edgebander processing units would be: 

Panel Sizing and Squaring on a Combination Edgebanding Machine: This Double End Tenoning part of the Combination Edgebander sizes and squares a preset amount off the panel to provide a perfect edge to arrive at the glue application station.

Premilling: Usually found on Single Sided edgebanders this trimming unit trims a preset amount off the panel to provide a perfect edge to arrive at the glue application station. 

Glue Application Station: The edge bander glue application process is to apply molten glue to the exposed edge of the passing panel in preparation for the application of the edgebanding materials. Typically, the edgebander glue application temperature for EVA glues will be 180-200 degrees C.

Most edgebanders use a glue application roller with controlled gates to apply a specific weight of glue onto the panel edge as it passes.  This roller obtains the heated glue from a glue pot either above or below the glue roller.

On larger edgebanders the glue pot is often fed by a pre-melting unit that ensures a reliable source of warmed glue being added on demand by the glue pot to be brought up to full application temperature, thereby ensuring a continuous supply of fresh glue.

There are exceptions when slot nozzles are used instead.

There are four glue application methods for edgebanders including:

EVA Hotmelt – For most edgebanding furniture applications.

PUR (Polyurethane) For edgebanding where water resistance and heat resistance are important for the finished product. 

Hot Air and Laser. Using special edgebanding tapes designed for the purpose that form part of the gluing process for zero glue line edgebanding.

Once the glue is applied the edge bander track takes the panel further along the edgebander where the edgebanding material is applied onto the glued edge and pressed on by the pressure rollers. The edgebanding coil is cut leaving the passing panel with an overhang each end for trimming while the remaining edgebanding material is positioned ready for the arrival of the next panel.

End Trimming Unit: Using either one or two motors, depending on the size of the edge banding machine and feed speed, the edgebander trims the length of the edge to exactly fit the panel length.

Top and Bottom, Multifunction and Corner Rounding trimming units: These motorised edgebander trimming units remove the excess edgebanding tape from the top and bottom of the panel edge. If required they can profile the edgebanding material with a 2mm or 3mm radius in both the horizontal and vertical edge by corner rounding to remove the sharp edges and corners.

Radius scraping units: Perfect the radiused PVC and ABS edges and remove cutter marks left by the edgebander trimming function.

Glue Scrapers: Remove any residual glue excess

Buffing Units: Polish the PVC edges bringing the colour back into the edgebanding material.  Or for thin melamine edgebanding the buffers soften the sharp edge left after trimming.

Some Edge Banding machines feature Universal trimming units for profiling or grooving or Belt Sanding units. Many edgebanders have Anti Adhesive Spray devices to make panel cleaning easier particularly when using PUR glue.

Depending on the size of the machine an Edgebanders feed speed is between 10 and 80 m/min and process multiple parts at a time. If an edgebander is being manually fed then the typical maximum practical feed speed is 18-25m/min. Edgebanders running faster than this would need to have automated panel feeding and offloading. 

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