Used Spraying Machine - Spray Coating for Wood

Wood painting

Applying sealer varnish over the coating or finishing work in furniture manufacture is quite challenging and demanding. Compared to manual painting, Automatic Wood Painting Machines constantly retain the highest painting standards by producing the same outcome on every surface.

By using Automatic Furniture Painting Machines in furniture coating, manufacturers can maximize efficiency on both time and quality scales. 

Spray coating for wood technology

Spray coating is a process used in the finishing process to apply lacquers, glazes, varnishes, and adhesives. Mobile spray guns or stationary spray systems are employed for this purpose. Spray coating for wood is classified into two types: those that use compressed air and those that do not. Compared to the other method, high-pressure air spraying produces the greatest surface effects, but also the highest overspray rates.

Used Spraying Paint Machine for Wood

Wood paint sprayers allow obtaining a finely sprayed coat of paint.

This system is very versatile and ideal for flat and shaped surfaces. It is very flexible and can be used also on edges. In general, the level of productivity with spray coating techniques (airless painting) is lower than roller coating or curtain coat painting. This category includes used spraying machines and systems, employed to obtain furniture and floors with polished and corrosion-resistance surfaces.

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