Ferwood offer Painting and Finishing lines and Machinery from world leading brands including Cefla, Sorbini and Giardina. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. Painting and finishing lines are used for coating materials such as MDF, veneers and solid wood for furniture production or for lacquering veneered panels and doors.

Used Painting booth, Roller Spreader and Spraying Machine for sale
Coating and finishing machines and systems include processing equipment for wood and wooden-based surfaces, or materials with similar characteristics. These machines are used to apply finishing products (paint, dye, oil, wax, etc.) to improve the wood’s durabillity and resistance as well as giving the material the required aesthetic appearence. Wood painting machines may also include preceding or following processing or treatment phases, such as cleaning or brushing, thermal conditioning, mechanical processing with chip or painting product removal (grinding, sanding, abrasive brushing, etc.), curing of the paint’s volatile substances, finishing product hardening via thermal, chemical or photochemical process, operator’s manual intervention (such as touch-ups, stain wiping, buffing, etc.). Painting machines are typically equiped with automatic transportation systems.

The paint or lacquer can be sprayed for three dimensional parts or flat panels Roller Coaters or Curtain coating machines can be used within a finishing line for paint and lacquer application. Part preparation is key to a great finish so sanding machines often feature in painting and finishing lines for denibbing between coats. Drying is performed either inside the oven or by UV light dryer units within the line.
Painting machines generally include rollers that apply the primer coat on the workpiece and a rubberised application roller that adds the paint. Painting machines and systems can be used on all wooden parts, from flat panel surfaces to linear strips, to 3D components with 3 surfaces to process, such as chairs, furniture, or assembled windows.

Manufacturers include Cefla, Sorbini and Giardina.