Used Front Loading CNC Beam Saws

Front Loading CNC Beam Saws from world-leading brands: Selco, Schelling, SCM Group and Holzma saws are available from Ferwood. Machines are offered Used or reconditioned to the highest standard and guaranteed to ensure its high quality.

CNC Panel Saws with front loading are used in small and medium furniture shops to size sheet materials including MDF, MFC, Laminates, Plywoods, Plastics and similar.

Used Front Loading Beam Panel Saws for sale
Multiple sheets of material are laid on top of each other to form a pack. The pressure beam on the machine compresses the pack along the cutting line to ensure a clean cut in between the sheets. A separate scoring saw ensures the clean cut of the bottom sheet. Saw blade projection above the work table varies and this will determine the number of sheets that can be cut simultaneously.

A front-loading CNC beam panel saw will have a cutting length capacity of approximately 3200, 3800, 4200 or rarely 5600mm. The blade projection is typically from 50mm to 140mm. More advanced devices such as second pushers are sometimes available.

A wide range of Front-loading beam saws is frequently offered in the USA. These include Selco WN and EB panel saws, Schelling FH, Gabbiani Galaxy panel sizing machines and Holzma Beam Saws for sale by Ferwood USA.

Other than front loading beam panel saws, we also have in stock CNC Beam Saws with automatic rear loading, angular, cross-cut or multi rip saws. Please browse our collection of woodworking machinery or call today for expert advice. Our teams are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly.