Pressing and laminating


Ferwood are specialists for joinery and furniture production presses from world leading brands including: Wemhoener, Burkle, Sergiani. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. Presses are typically used for bonding a decorative or durable surface such as veneer, PVC or laminate to a wood base substrate.

Used Furniture Production Feed Presses and Membrane Press machines for sale
Presses come in a great variety from Cold Presses with high daylight for block pressing, Hot presses with Single or Multi daylights with heating by Oil, Electric or Water for Veneer and Laminate pressing on flat substrates to Membrane presses for applying a pvc or veneer covering to a three-dimensional panel such as a kitchen door or furniture component. Presses are employed in laminating and veneering processes, as they are excellent solutions for bonding paper, melamine, PVC, laminates and veneer on one or both sides, with temperature-triggered glue (PUR; EVA), PVAc, UF, or polyurethane. A lamination system can be either by way of continuous roller, heated plattern or membrane.

Manufacturers of Presses include Wemhoener, Burkle, Sergiani and Joos