Used Wood Presses - Pressing and Laminating Machines

Ferwood specialises in wood press machines for joinery and furniture production from world-leading manufacturers. The top brands include Wemhoener, Burkle, Italpresse, Orma  and Sergiani. Our laminating presseing machines are either Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed.

Wood Press Machines are typically used for bonding a decorative or durable surface such as veneer, PVC or laminate to a wood base substrate.

By investing in Press Technology, you can improve your efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

What is laminating press?
Laminating technology adds dimension and value to your company while also increasing the usefulness, robustness, and attractiveness of your products.

Lamination can be as simple as gluing two or more smaller pieces of wood together to form a bigger and broader component. Laminated products, like finger jointing, can be stronger than solid wood and less prone to distort under stress.

However, laminating press is typically used to attach a veneer or other surface to a substrate such as MDF. This is done to create a more expensive appearance and appeal for a product at a cheaper cost.

Veneer lamination allows for more design and production freedom, which are both desired by sectors such as furniture manufacturers. Many of the world's most well-known manufacturers of luxury home and office furniture have completely embraced lamination as an excellent approach to maximize the use of wood and wood composite substrates.

Different types of presses for furniture production
Typical wood presses machines will provide different solutions to suit your production requirement. Presses come in a great variety: heated, cold or membrane:

- Cold Presses with high daylight for block pressing

- Hot presses with Single or Multi daylights with heating by Oil, Electric or Water for Veneer and Laminate pressing on flat substrates

- Membrane presses for applying a PVC or veneer covering to a three-dimensional panel such as a kitchen door or furniture component.

Application of wood press machines
The woodworking press machine is ideal for the door and panel manufacturing business. Decorative material can be laminated onto furniture panels, building partitions, hardwood doors, and other man-made boards such as MDF and plywood using a press machine.

Presses are employed in laminating and veneering processes. They are excellent solutions for bonding paper, melamine, PVC, laminates and veneer on one or both sides, with temperature-triggered glue (PUR; EVA), PVAc, UF, or polyurethane. A lamination system can be either by way of continuous roller, heated platen or membrane.

Well-known manufacturers wood press machines
Well-known manufacturers of laminating presses are currently Wemhoener, Sergiani, Joos and Burkle presses whose machines achieve reliable high-end results.

The Italpresse veneer press and burkle lamination press are those of the high-quality wood pressing machines that can often be found on Ferwood site.

Used pressing laminating machines for furniture production are available on Ferwood website in great variety. Wood press machines include worktop press, veneer presses, composite presses, door press and block presses are often available in great condition.

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in pressing and laminating machinery for furniture production/ interior finishing. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly. Please browse our collection of wood press machines or call today for expert advice.