Used Membrane Presses

Membrane Presses from world leading brands including Wemhoener, Burkle, Orma and Italpresse are available from Ferwood. We offer Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed Machinery.

Membrane Presses are typically used for producing doors for the kitchen and bedroom industry.

What is a membrane press?
In this press method, coating materials such as veneer, thermoplastic films, or transfer finish foils are pressed on pre-glued, profiled surfaces or formed pieces.

The workpieces must be prepared before they can be processed in the press. This comprises applying an adhesive layer - for example, with a spraying device or rollers - after cleaning the adhesive surface (e.g. with brushing machines). The glue is then cured and heated in the press to activate it. When self-adhesive films are , the need for glue on the workpiece is eliminated.

Used Membrane Presses for sale
Membrane press machine are mainly designed to cover shaped surfaces with veneer or PVC. The covering material is pressed onto the panel by a combination of heat and air pressure, bonding it to the pre-moulded and glued contours of the workpieces.

These kind of presses can be used on large single panels and on several smaller panels on each pressing cycle. They are used, for instance, to produce kitchen cupboard doors and textured panels for doors and coverings. Membrane presses also press external veneers on wood or chipboard panels.

Well-known membrane press machine manufacturers
Well-known manufacturers of Membrane Presses are Orma, Italpresse, Wemhoener model Variopress – Unviversal and Burkle model Multifoiler.

The Italpresse Membrane Presses and Orma Membrane Presses are those of the high-quality wood pressing machines that can often be found on Ferwood site.

Used pressing laminating machines for furniture production are available on Ferwood website in great variety. Membrane press for kitchen cabinet and for door are often available in great condition.

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in pressing and laminating machinery for furniture production/ interior finishing. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly. Please browse our collection of stock machines or call today for expert advice.