Used Hot Press Machine for Wood

Hot Presses from world-leading brands including Wemhoener, Sergiani, Orma, Burkle, Joos and Ital are available from Ferwood. We offer Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed.

Used Hot Presse Machine for Wood are typically used for bonding a decorative or durable surface such as veneer or laminate to a wood based or composite substrate.

What is a hot press machine?
Hot press machines are among the most widely used tools in the woodworking industry. These cutting-edge techniques, which are now a standard in all facilities that manufacture plywood, produce reliable results.

Although the capacity of the equipment varies, the average hot press machine weighs around 120 tons. These devices, depending on their model and manufacturer, feature small designs and high pressing efficiency. A high-quality machine ensures both speed and precision.

Hot press machines are more efficient; they can laminate one to five boards (one to five layers) in 2-5 minutes. While cold press machines are less expensive, they take 3-4 hours to complete one processing. Hence, you may pick a suitable press machine based on your budget and output quantity.

Check out our membrane press equipment for veneer and pvc lamination on curved or irregularly shaped surface panels.

Operation of an Hot Press Machine
Hot presses have a heavy-duty structure to manage the pressing stresses. They can have single or multiple daylights and these will be closed using hydraulic pressure. The individual pressing platens will be heated using Electric Heating, Heated Oil or Heated Water.

Water heated veneer press might be provided with a wood-fired or electric boiler. Whereas, oil-heated veneer press are often given with a boiler.

Like electric heated veneer presses, these methods provide significant advantages: higher temperatures, faster glue setting durations, easier thermostat control, and higher reliability.

Hot press machine for wood are used for bonding flat surfaces together including veneers and laminates. Various glues, pressures and temperature settings are used with this technique depending on the product to be bonded.

Veneer Presses
A veneer press is typically a hot press machine. It may be single daylight or multi daylight. It is used to give the impression that a cheaper substrate may be an expensive timber. Wood veneer presses are applied mainly in furniture production.

A veneer press can be a single stand-alone machine or it can feature in a complex line with automation for gluing, veneer laying up and handling.

Well-known hot press machine manufacturers
Well-known manufacturers of hot presses are currently Orma, Italpresse, Wemhoener, Burkle, Sergiani and Joos presses.

The Joos hot presses and Italpresse hot veneer presses are those of the high-quality wood pressing machines that can often be found on Ferwood site.

Used pressing laminating machines for furniture production are available on Ferwood website in great variety. Hot press machine for sale are often available in great condition.

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in pressing and laminating machinery for furniture production/ interior finishing. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly. Please browse our collection of stock machines or call today for expert advice.