Calibrating and Sanding Lines

Calibration and Finishing Sanding Lines from world leading brands such as DMC, SCM, Butfering, Boere and Heesemann are available from Ferwood. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed.

Used Calibrating And Sanding Lines for sale
Top and bottom solid wood and panel thickness calibration and sanding lines are found in high volume production woodworking industries. Sanders are used both for timber thickness calibration to reduce or regulate the panel thickness by removing high spots or to remove a pre set amount of material to give a consistent thickness to the work piece. Pieces can also be sanded to make them smooth and ready to be finished. Both processes are performed with abrasive belts that vary in grit based on the material being processed and the finish required.

Manufacturers of Sanding machines include DMC, SCM, Butfering, Boere and Heesemann.