Sanding machines


Ferwood are specialists in Sanding and Calibrating machines from world leading brands including: DMC, SCM, Butfering, Boere and Heesemann. Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. Sanding machines are typically used for calibrating panels so they become flat and for giving a finely sanded surface to give a key prior to finishing.

Used Calibrating and Sanding machines for sale
Woodworking sanders / calibrators are employed in furniture, door, window, floor and component machining processes. Precision sanders can process a wide range of materials, such as wooden-base materials, e.g. chipboard, wood, laminate, blockboard, OSB, Masonite, hardboard, plywood, and many different types of veneers. Professional wood sanders are also used to prepare substrates for coating materials such as melamine paper, HPL, CPL, CHPL, and High Gloss laminates.

The wide range of finishes includes texturing, trimming, wave finish, and staining. The main sanding processes include planing, grading, abrasive brushing, pre-polishing and polishing. Sanding machines comprise of different types of used wood sanding and calibrating machines, including electronic models, based on the production needs. These include Wide Belt Sanding Machines for timber calibration, Veneer sanding and Finishing sanding. Sanding lines with Top and Bottom Wide Belt sanders for calibration. Profile sanding machines for edge sanding and Sanders for DeNibbing MDF and painted parts form the range of sanding machines available.

Manufacturers of Sanding machines include DMC, SCM, Butfering, Boere and Heesemann.