Wide belt top sanders

Wide Belt Top Sanders are used for precise wood-based material thickness calibration, veneer sanding and finishing sanding for lacquered panels.

 Depending on the machines function it will be equipped with rollers of steel or different diameters and shore hardness or pad units which can be a single unit or segmented with electronic control for a precise touch. Around each of these units a long and wide sanding belt of varying grit will run to perform the sanding function to the finish level required. Additional finishing units include polishing cloth units and planer units. The material is transported through the machine on a rubber belt which can also have a vacuum when processing small or slippery surfaced workpieces. Wide belt Top sanders come in different working widths from 900mm to 1600mm. The top line models have a fixed pass height essential if placing the machine within a line while stand-alone manually fed machines have a variable pass height