Used Wide-belt Sanders

Wide Belt Sanders from world leading brands including DMC, Costa, Butfering, Boere and Heesemann are available from Ferwood.

Our industrial belt sanders are either Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed.

What are Wide Belt Sanders for woodworking?
Sanders are used in the furniture manufacturing industry to shape wood surfaces to provide a level and smooth finish. The abrasive grit is fastened to the sandpaper by a binding agent in broad belt sanders. It is used to remove tiny chippings off the surface of wood workpieces.

A wide-belt sander's sanding belt can have a rim width of 900mm to 1600mm in industrial applications. Furthermore, wide belt sanding machines used in the wood and furniture industries have sanding belts that are several meters long. A wide belt sander is a critical tool in the production process. They may help to cut production time, reduce manpower requirements, and produce a finished product finer than the most expert human hand could ever make manually.

Application of wide belt sanders
Wide Belt Sanders are used for precise wood-based material thickness calibration, veneer sanding and finishing sanding for lacquered panels. Their typical application is for surface sanding to make wood workpieces smoothed to the grit finish required

Operations of Wide Belt Sanders
Wide Belt Sanding machines can be configured with a number of different processing units depending on the sanding application. Calibrating Sanders typically have steel or hard rollers of various diameters and shore depending on the grit finish required while Veneer sanders are more likely to have pad sanding heads with segmented pads or even cross grain sanding heads.

They can be a single unit or segmented with electronic control for a precise touch.

Around each of these units, a long and wide sanding belt of varying grit will run and sand workpieces to required finish level. Additional finishing units include cross belts, polishing cloth units, planer units and brushing. The material is transported through the machine on a rubber conveyor belt. This belt can also have a vacuum when processing small or slippery surfaced workpieces.

The high-end models have a fixed pass height essential if placing the machine within a production line. In contrast, the stand-alone manually fed machines have a variable pass height.

Popular wide belt sander machine manufacturers
Manufacturers of high-quality widebelt sanding machines are Butfering, Boere, Heesemann, COSTA, DMC and SCM wide-belt sanders.  

Ferwood is proud to represent our broad range of used sanding machines made by some of these manufacturers. These machines can often be found in a good condition. We offer high-quality second hand wide-belt sander from top brands which can satisfy any of your production requirements.

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in sanding and calibrating machinery for furniture production/ interior finishing. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly. Please browse our collection of used widebelt sanding machines or call today for expert advice.