Used Wood Brushing Machines

Wood cleaning and brushing

The cleaning operation is the final crucial preparation stage before coating or staining to assure the quality of the product and to limit treatment usage.

In furniture manufacture, wood brushing is a finishing process that is excellent for enhancing the surface of the wood and highlighting the grain. It is primarily employed as a supplement to other processes such as painting with the use of specialized machinery.

Furniture brushing machines

Dust-free surfaces are a must for the manufacture of high-end panels. Hence, wood brushing machines are used for panel cleaning to remove dust from the panel. This is usually been done before painting or pressing or stacking processes to avoid the possibility of scratching between panels.

Wood brushing units can be installed both on the top and on the bottom of the machine. Wood brushers are selected based on their width, thread length, speed, brush rotation direction and panel feeding speed on the work belt.

Used Brushing Machines for sale

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