Used Paint Curing Ovens

Paint drying and curing ovens or dryers comprise a tunnel covering a section of the finishing line. This category includes used high-quality woodworking dryers and drying ovens that help speed up the paint drying process.

Inside a paint drying oven, ventilation with controlled direction and airflow temperature is generated. This helps to create the ideal environment for quick and optimal paint drying. Moreover, the right level of moisture is reached to ensure a high wood quality. The panels stay inside the drying tunnel for a variable time, based on the type and quantity of paint applied. 

Since linear air dryers are developed horizontally along the line, their size depends on the required residence time and on the production line speed. 

UV curing ovens such as UV-R Superfocus are used both in the roller lines and in the spray lines. This type of oven has a number of lamps required for UV coating drying, hence lowering operational costs.

Ferwood is proud to represent our range of Paint Curing Ovens and lacquer dryers for furniture manufacturing and wood construction industries. They are either Used, Second Hand or Reconditioned and Guaranteed. 

We offer high-quality machinery from top brands which can satisfy any of your production requirements. Manufacturers of Drying and Curing Ovens include Cefla, Superfici, Giardina, Burkle, Venjacob etc.

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