High Performance Panel Production Machines Available

Machines Available from a leading kitchen company Nolte in Germany.

Brilliant solutions for wood.

Ferwood is an international Group that selects, refurbishes and markets the best second-hand woodworking machinery, offering a wide range of services to choose from and the assistance of specialist consultants. Worldwide.

Second-hand woodworking machines and other services.

Ferwood brands

Ferwood Approved. The quality label.

Ferwood Approved is the quality brand offering a complete overhaul service, for individual products or the entire production line, restoring the machines to the optimal conditions and customising them as a function of specific customer needs and requests. Besides serving as a quality guarantee at the purchasing stage, Ferwood Approved supplies technical support even after the machine, or the line, has been installed, and provides a full warranty covering a predetermined period of time.

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Ferwood Functional. The product as you want it.

Ferwood Functional ensures full control over machine operation, with a full warranty up to the installation stage. Ferwood Functional has been conceived for customers who want cost-effective solutions and prompt deliveries, but are not willing to sacrifice quality. Functional brand products are always available in the warehouse and offer a a wider range of choices compared with auctions, where it is often impossible to find the product you are looking for, or traditional dealers, whose proposals mostly consist of machines in as-is condition: with no functional control, no warranty and no after-sales services.

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Ferwood As it Is. The way you see it.

Ferwood As it is: the simplest and quickest method to buy woodworking machinery. The As it is brand is the ideal choice for customers wishing to save time and money. Machines owned by Ferwood are immediately available from the warehouse in a wide range of types to meet any need.To become the owner of an As it is machine is very easy: just pick one from all those available, examine it and approve it in its as-is condition.

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Ferwood Network. The direct contacts for your business.

Ferwood Network is the Group's network of contacts that enables sellers and buyers to get in touch with one another in full safety. Besides a large, in-depth distribution network, the service offers quality information on the machines listed, certified consultants and technical know-how, as well as Ferwood's decades long experience in the wookworking sector.

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The strength of a great Group.

Human presence is truly the great strength of Ferwood, which, day after day, with dedication, assists its customers so that they can profit from all Ferwood services. Thanks to its strong presence in the territory and expert technical and sales personnel, not only it is easy to purchase a Ferwood machine, it is also possible to follow the buyers throughout the after-sales process.

Convert your unused machinery into money.

If you want to convert your machinery into capital ask for a precise fast valuation, or consult Ferwood's list of machines most in demand. Besides being available to purchase or broker the sale of products, the Group is always looking for specific machines to recondition.

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