Used Panel Saw

Ferwood is a specialist supplier of CNC Beam Saws and Panel Sizing Machinery from world leading brands:Holzma, Selco, Schelling, Gabbiani. We offer Used Beam Saws for sale in the USA, AS IS, checked or reconditioned to the highest standard and guaranteed.

The Beam Saw has been an important member of the woodworking machinery family for many years. It is often used for cutting wood-based furniture panels such as chipboard, plywood, MDF. However, it can also be used for non-ferrous sheet materials. Thanks to its perfect precision, a beam saw is the perfect solution for many panel processing and furniture production businesses.

Used Beam Saws with front loading and automatic rear loading for sale
Panel sizing is a cutting method to obtain cut-to-size panels from larger sheets of material. CNC Beam Saws machines are used in woodworking and furniture production sectors to cut different sheet materials to sizes. These materials can be MFC, chipboard, veneered panels, MDF-HDF, solid wood, plywood, honeycomb boards and even plastic, composite and aluminium.

High performance CNC Beam Panel saws comprise a machine body where the saw carriage traverses to cut. During the cut, a pressure beam will compress the material. To cut according to the program, a pusher fence with grippers will be used to position the material. All make it possible to cut single or multiple sheets of material cleanly.

Beam Panel saws are available in different models and sizes based on the cutting length, cutting height and production capacity. Beam saws are divided into a horizontal single line, angular and cross-cut models. Automatic sheet loading, Panel Stacking, Head Cut Turning and a second pusher fence are further innovations and additions available.

Panel Sizing machines may be customised based on the customer’s production needs and processes. Beamsaws are fully programmable and often feature sheet optimisation software and label printing to aid production further down the process.

Second hand beam saws are commonly available for sale from Ferwood USA, offering high quality woodwork machines  from top brands such as Selco saws, Gabbiani beamsaws, Schelling saws and Holzma Beam Saws. We also offer many different models of Holzma beam saw which is the leader in the woodworking industry.

Ferwood’s sales team has decades of experience and knowledge in panel processing machinery and furniture production. We are always available to help tailor the best solution to suit your demands perfectly.